Treatment with Prostacyclin Analogues

Designed to mimic the effects of natural prostacyclin

Prostacyclin is essential to help your lungs function properly. It helps the blood vessels in your lungs stay open and makes it easier for your heart to pump oxygenated blood to the lungs. Patients with PAH may not produce enough prostacyclin. United Therapeutics makes products that are considered prostacyclin analogues. Prostacyclin analogues are synthetic medications designed to be structurally similar to natural prostacyclin.

Prostacyclin analogues help substitute for the natural prostacyclin your body lacks

Healthy prostacyclin level

Healthy level of Prostacyclin*

Prostacyclin deficiency

Prostacyclin deficiency*

Prostacyclin analogue

Adding Prostacyclin Analogue*

Illustrations show natural prostacyclin in the body with and without prostacyclin analogue but are not intended to suggest actual levels of either.

Two of the ways prostacyclin analogues may work in your body

Prostacyclin vasodilator

Directly widening or opening the blood vessels (known as vasodilation)

Prostacyclin clotting

Working to stop blood platelets from collecting together (clotting) too much, which could block or slow down blood flow

Depending on your current condition and how well your treatments are working, you may want to discuss prostacyclin class therapies with your doctor. Whether you have been diagnosed recently or have had PAH for some time, it is important to have the right treatment for you and your disease.

Ask your doctor if a prostacyclin analogue may help you meet your goals.