PAH is associated with an imbalance of 3 natural substances in your body:

Too little nitric oxide

Nitric oxide does many different things in the body, including helping control blood pressure by opening arteries (also known as dilation) when needed.

Too much endothelin

Endothelin does almost the opposite of nitric oxide. It increases blood pressure and makes the blood vessels firm.

Too little prostacyclin

Prostacyclin works in different ways within healthy blood vessels. It helps with dilation and it helps prevent the vessels from getting blocked.

When working properly, each of these substances works in its own way to help blood flow freely through your blood vessels.

If you’ve been diagnosed with PAH, your body may produce too much or too little of these important natural substances, causing an imbalance. Unfortunately, there is no way for your doctor to know if you have just 1 type of imbalance, 2 types, or all 3.

Learn about the 3 different treatment pathways that can be used to help with the PAH imbalance.